The goal of the Out‐of‐School Time ﴾OST﴿ Initiative is to build and sustain the organizational and staff capacity of Central Iowa OST programs to provide high quality learning activities before school, after school and over the summer.


The core work of the OST Initiative is to coordinate and share best practices identified through the activities of three enrichment coaches. This is done by:

  1. Pairing the coaches with OST programs seeking support to strengthen the quality of the programming they offer to children and youth before school, after school, and during the summer and

  2. Providing intensive, on‐site, one‐on‐one technical assistance throughout the year and over the summer;

  3. Identifying and/or developing resources for use by OST programs to strengthen practice;

  4. Developing frontline staff competency through the Frontline Leaders Training Series in addition to the coaches intensive TA on site; and

  5. Convening a broader group of OST providers and partners as the Central Iowa OST Network to share best practices and professionally network.

The OST Initiative is supported by United Way of Central Iowa (UWCI) and coordinated by SPPG, LLC.

United Way of Central Iowa - www.unitedwaydm.org

SPPG, LLC - www.sppg.com

For all inquiries related to the OST Initiative, please contact Crystal Hall at chall@sppg.com.


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